Van Gaal: I'm Not Gonna be Sacked!

The Dutchman entered the game as manager in serious uncertainty with his future as United looked to avoid losing a match that was fifth in a row for the very first time in 79 years. Yet regardless of the result being the sixth at United's arena and a seventh goalless draw this season, the way his players reacted heartened Van Gaal. But, the supervisor promised his remarks were reported out of context. "I believe I did not say that. I've said that you can be sacked by a team but that a supervisor may also step down by himself. When it is then written by a co-worker of you in another circumstance, no, I've given you in a press conference and opinion that it's not the only section of the conclusion, also that conclusion can be taken by the supervisor."I 've said also in all my press conferences, they're asking all of the time: 'Are you worried that perhaps they fire you?' Needless to say, I worried but I 'm more worried to prepare my players.

They're lies, not based on facts. They're the motives I walk away in a press conference instead of angrily. Because I would like to make my point, no, I walk with quietness. "For me, it his future isn't an interesting topic because I cannot have some sway on that, I am only able to work with my players and you'll be able to see they're fighting for me. So I cannot say I am very much worried even following this result, the fans were applauding. In this soccer world, you can't understand but I am totally convinced in my players and the board. There is no reason to step down for me when the players may give this kind of performance with lots of pressure. Perhaps the media wants me to but I 'll not step down. It is not a question of remaining. It is a question of satisfying my contract."

Van Gaal resisted the belief of there being a disaster in it and the club being over. "I do not understand because the disaster is more or less the surroundings is making the disaster," he said. Inside the team the players will willingly fight for each and every metre, the supervisor is prepared to fight, the members of staff are willing to fight as well as the board is extremely confident in the staff as well as the supervisor so it's not inside Manchester United." But when it was set to Van Gaal that four successive defeats at a team the prominence of United might make up a disaster, he said: "Yes, but in addition for me and additionally for the players. Possibly you can inquire in my career. I can't recall but perhaps I put it away as it's a dark interval." Van Gaal showed he's continuing to intend to attempt to reinforce in the January transfer window. "Of course, it's not only the last days but in addition before but this is the result. I've said to Dutch TV that Manchester United has plenty of assurance in his manager and I 've received that not in every team," he said.

"But, needless to say, I am aware there are conditions the board has to determine to terminate the manager and I 'm appearing constantly from my point of view and that may be not the correct perspective and in this wild soccer universe that could occur daily, also with me. When it occurs to Jose Mourinho, then it can occur with me." "Everyone knows we've some difficulties in our striker's spot as a result of suspension and harms and we needed to think the best way to solve that. "The players have experienced an extremely poor half year. They should lift it up and that is what we've talked about in the locker room.

"Everyone is certain we could not go on the same route and we've revealed that in the last three matches," Hiddink said. Among all of the indignities Louis van Gaal has had to face lately, the sequence of defeats of Manchester United has been stopped of it becoming their worst run in one season since December 1936. Their winless stretch has, nevertheless, been extended to eight matches as well as their new name as 0-0 specialists cannot sit readily for a team with their love of the experience. Although, on a positive note, the performance was practical for Van Gaal to be saved the bunch's wrath, this was their fifth in the past eight matches at Old Trafford. judi bola terpercaya

Their imperfections are numerous but United did begin to play the old manner, with width and penetration and show in charms they are able to remove the tactical straightjacket, and the crowd appeared to understand what they were observing. The opening 45 minutes was their finest for some time and it was their readiness to take a number of dangers, something their assistants will consistently ensure, that described, in part, why they lost their construction during the exchanges that are later. Yet, it was an advancement from the team of Van Gaal. The bottom line, nevertheless, is that this didn't look a performance that will finish in the supervisor being fired or deciding to sever ties himself.

"There is not any reason to fire me," Van Gaal said afterward, seeming just emboldened. That felt the same as a beginning given the claim which has circled them of dreariness that was persistent. It might possibly have become another ordeal for the team that's now five points off the very best four. Chelsea will reflect on the occasions when his team was saved by David de Gea's goalkeeping and, more than anything, the counter attacking move that ended with Nemanja Matic galloping clear for the excellent opportunity of the match. When he thinks about what occurred next match might awaken in a cold sweat.

Playing on the rest, the assault of Chelsea seemed light in the lack of the suspended Diego Costa, if just because it meant they didn't possess an all-natural striker for the job. The inclination of Eden Hazard was in the first half and to roam to broad positions, lacking anyone to hold the ball up, they were pinned back for extended spells. Matteo Darmian and Ashley Young had the licence to progress from United's full-back positions. The directness and swift feet of martial made him a tough competition and United typically seem a round team when Marouane Fellaini isn't in the starting line-up. The desire to train the ball high was removed and United started the match with all the sort of fast tempo which is now a rarity under Van Gaal.

If De Gea hadn't turned John Terry's header over the crossbar from an early corner the disposition might have been totally different but Chelsea didn't possess the impetus that's normally expected of them on these occasions. The winners did miss improve after the time and, soon before the Matic, there clearly was a superb double save from De Gea to keep out the shot of Pedro and then turn away the follow-up attempt from Cesar Azpilicueta. With both teams demonstrating the reason why they're fighting, it turned out to be a scrappy finish, and Rooney making the depressions of his studs on the leg of Oscar. Finally, however, Chelsea will be happier, having gone three matches unbeaten in the league for the very first time this season.