Jose Mourinho and Van Gaal's Faith in Premier League

I don't consider they were really frightened but just somewhat cautious. As a result of fast players we have, they were cautious and approached the match not to lose. Both teams are not to attack, assault, assault, assault right now in the greatest area. Sometimes settle for a point and you should be smart. "I didn't see the tackle but from what I've learned, it was somewhat high. Oscar is not bad, however. But Mikel has not given up on Chelsea finishing in the very finest four. "I don't consider it's gone yet. It is considered the pair held talks about the Dutchman's future over the weekend. The loss to Stoke was United's fourth in a row as well as the seventh match with no success. It is 54 years simply because they endured four straight defeats and they have won only three times in their last 15 matches.

We've moved on along with the setting has improved since the reversion of manager. It's great now, we've just not been getting results," he said. "Jose is a great manager and will always be an amazing guy. But sometimes football is a game that's unkind and you also need to carry on. He came back to the team another time and won two prizes but now he's gone and we have got to carry on. Is it the right pick? Who comprehends? We see later on. The players are other - only and John Terry I were here - yet he comprehends what to do. We're down there in the table for a reason so he Can't come in and perform miracles but scale the table and we should get out of there. "It's rough when you're not playing, as you don't really realize what the problems are. It turned out to be a collective matter - the manager, along with the players, were not performing.

Van Gaal considers the squad is stifling. "I've noticed that in my other professions," he said. You see that players that are different compete with that pressure. That's also in other teams, and that means you Can Not say, and it is likely to view it's a thing that's suspended. It is, for every human being, for every individual player, distinct they should handle it, which isn't overly easy. Whatever the serious recent results, he denied his oft-mentioned "doctrine" is not working at United. There's been an improvement," he said. But we lost matches which were not insignificant and we have to come back, in challenging scenarios than last season. We were there and we have fallen back. Which is distinct. Everybody is judging which is what's happening now, and you need to make do with it.

But if he had no ideas made of the most effective method to lift his squad for the visit of Chelsea, Van Gaal said: No. But it's not overly easy anymore. It's similar to the pressure of the atmosphere and that should enhance. So it is a good deal harder. There are not any manner, processes that are manmade, to solve that. We need a success which is important, but we also must do the fixing and training sessions, our professional work, our homework and, clearly. We simply can recover, we can not prepare. We must recover and then we play together with the match against Chelsea. Despite the poor form Van, Gaal assured his players believe in him. Chelsea is not without their own problems. But Van Gaal recognizes rough opposition will be provided by the victor. It's extremely difficult because we have got to recuperate. We have to start after our bus trip house, and we have got to prepare also for the match. It really is tough to do that, I'm aware of that.